CAA Information

  • To qualify for benefits from the plan, couples who are adopting a child must enroll in the plan and contribute $1,500 to CAA.
  • Because adoptive parents often find it easier to pay in installments, this $1,500 contribution is set up to be payable over thirty months at $50 per month, but can be paid in full or paid off early.
  • The balance of the funding comes from donations received from (a) members who are not planning to adopt, but enroll in a supportive enrollment at a cost of $50 per month for as long as they wish and (b) free will donations from individuals or congregations.
  • There is a three-month waiting period after enrollment before becoming eligible for benefits. An adoption finalized during the waiting period will qualify for benefits at the end of the waiting period.
  • Benefits are available for one adoption per enrollment after finalization of the adoption and upon completion of a CAA Benefit Request Form.
  • CAA shares up to $10,000 per adoption. In the event the adoption costs less than $10,000, the benefit is limited to the cost of the adoption. These benefits are paid at 100% with no further member responsibility deducted.
  • Benefits are available even though the member contribution of $1,500 has not yet been paid in full, provided their monthly payments are current, the three-month waiting period has been satisfied, and the adoption has been finalized.
  • Members who have finished paying their $1,500 contribution but who have not yet finalized their adoption continue to be eligible for benefits until they have finalized their adoption.
  • Only adoptions that are finalized after enrolling in the CAA are considered eligible for benefits.

Mail all Forms and US-based Donations to:

(Write “CAA” on check subject line)

Children’s Adoption Aid
PO Box 336
Montezuma, KS 67867
Fax: 888-456-0671

Mail Canadian-based Donations to:

(Write “CAA” on check subject line)

Canada Office
Children’s Adoption Aid
Box 411
Kleefeld, MB R0A 0V0