Frequently Asked Questions

Does my coverage transfer to rental or loaner vehicles?  No.  The agreement BAA has with the state that allows us to operate indicates we can only provide coverage on vehicles that are owned by members of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite.

 Is there a grace period for coverage on newly acquired vehicles?  Yes.  Current policy holders have a thirty-day convenience period to enter their vehicle purchases retroactive to purchase date.  New policy holders have a fourteen-day convenience period to enter their vehicles retroactive to purchase date.  Applicable premiums must be paid for coverage.

 What is comprehensive coverage?  Comprehensive coverage includes breakage of glass, loss caused by projectiles, falling objects, fire, theft, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, flood, malicious mischief or vandalism, riot, civil commotion, animal collision, or hit and run collision.  The personal responsibility for comprehensive losses is $200.00, or for heavy equipment $300.00.

 What is collision coverage?  Collision means your car upset or hit or was hit by a vehicle or other object.  The personal responsibility for collision losses is $300.00, or for heavy equipment $750.00.

 Is the BAA Report Form necessary? Yes.  The report form provides BAA important information to process your claim correctly.  The one exception to using a claim report is for glass claims.

 Where do I get the BAA Loss Report Form?  You can find the loss report form on our website, or your local MUA District Secretary should have copies of the BAA Loss Report Form.

 Do I need to file my claim within a certain time frame?  While MUA does have a board-mandated timely filing of thirty days, BAA does not have a timely filing limit.  However, we do appreciate claims filed in a timely manner.

 Do I need to get two estimates for repair?  When there is a loss, you shall also provide BAA with two estimates from reliable body shops as to the repair work needed. Only one estimate is required if: (1) the body shop is owned by a member of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, or (2) the loss amount is less than $5,000.00, or (3) the vehicle is legally or mechanically not drivable, or (4) it is a glass loss. If damage exceeds $5,000.00, only one estimate is required if the body shop obtains pre-approval for their estimate from the BAA office before repairs with direct payment issued to said body shop. If two estimates are filed, BAA will make settlement according to the lowest estimate received.

Does BAA pay on claims if the driver of my vehicle is not properly licensed according to state law?  If the loss occurs on a public road, BAA is not responsible for the loss incurred.  If the loss occurs on private property, BAA is only responsible for fifty percent of the loss incurred.

 How does BAA process glass claims? BAA requires one estimate for glass claims.  The Board of Directors has established glass payment rates. Glass repair claims (chips, stars, etc.) are paid at 100% with no deductible.  Glass replacement rates are as follows:  Glass at 18% below NAGS list price; Urethane at $35.00 per kit; Labor at $40.00 per NAGS assigned hour of labor.  All glass replacement claims are subject to a $200.00 member responsibility, or for heavy trucks $300.00.  All glass claims in excess of these established rates are the responsibility of the policyholder.

 What if my vehicle is totaled?  Do I still need two estimates? If a credible body shop indicates the cost of repair is more than the current value of the vehicle, only one estimate is needed.  Please contact the office to make arrangements to have the totaled vehicle disposed of.

 What if the total repair bill turns out differently than the estimate filed with BAA?  If the total repair bill is more than the estimate filed with us, BAA will gladly make a supplemental payment to you.  If the total repair bill is less than the amount we paid you on the claim, the difference should be repaid to BAA. 

 Does BAA pay for towing or storage?  BAA will pay up to $1,000.00 for towing and/or storage (accident only) charges on vehicles and up to $11,000.00 per unit per accident for trucks and heavy trailers.  This benefit is included in your policy at no extra cost.    Please include towing and/or storage invoices when you file your claim.